Website Maintenance Terms and Conditions

This page represents the agreement and understanding between Zeem Development, LLC (herein after called “ZeemDev”) and the customer (herein after called the "Client") regarding web site maintenance services. A person or organization in which web site services are provided by Zeem Development, LLC shall also be considered a "Client" of Zeem Development, LLC. Zeem Development reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions with or without notice to the Client. The terms of agreement for the Web Site maintenance services can be viewed anytime at

  1. Acceptance of the Terms. You the Client accepts the Terms by signing, clicking to accept, or agree to the Terms where this option is made available to you by ZeemDev.
  • By accepting the Terms, the Client agrees to the Plan Period selected of a month-to-month or year-to-year contract beginning the date of Plan Purchase.
  • ZeemDev website maintenance services constitute changes to the current website and its existing web pages using the current web site theme.
  • The information contained within the web pages shall be authored by the Client and submitted to ZeemDev in FINAL format. If the information and text submitted is not in final format and contains spelling, grammatical, syntax errors, etc., ZeemDev may charge the client for additional time needed to correct the errors that should have been corrected before submission. ZeemDev may make recommendations regarding the content of the web pages; however, the Client shall make the final decision and approve the content of the web pages.
  • The Client understands, agrees and acknowledges that Zeem Development designs and develops web sites and pages out of the information primarily authored by the Client. Zeem Development shall not be held liable if the Client's web site developed by Zeem Development does not meet the business goals of the Client. Site contents either developed by Zeem Development and/or the Client shall be reviewed, finalized and approved by the Client.


  1. Rights Reserved. Zeem Development is a professional business entity. We reserve the right to limit our service to only those individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations whose needs we can realistically meet.
  • Zeem Development reserves the right to refuse service to anyone requesting development of web pages for:
    • Illegal purposes
    • Illegal material
  • Web pages developed by ZeemDev cannot be modified to contain illegal material or be used for illegal purposes.


  1. Privacy. ZeemDev takes your privacy seriously and any information provided through your use of the Website and/or Services are subject to ZeemDev’s Privacy Policy, which is available on the Website (


  1. Authorization. The Client hereby authorizes ZeemDev to make changes and access to any host account and authorizes ZeemDev with "write permission" for the Client’s Web page directories. These changes include but are not limited to, picture and graphic changes, adding necessary scripts or website applications and product catalog updates.


  1. Purchasing Maintenance Plan. The Client must first purchase a plan through the Zeem Development website ( and pay the applicable fee for the selected Plan.
  • In purchasing the Maintenance Plan, the Client acknowledges and agrees that it is their responsibility to ensure that the Maintenance Plan elected to purchase is suitable for their needs.
  • As part of the Maintenance Plan enrollment process, or as part of the continued service, the Client may be required to provide personal information, including:
    • First and Last name
    • Email address
    • Mailing address
    • Telephone number
    • Company name
    • Company Address
    • Website URL
  • The Client warrants that any information given to ZeemDev in the course of completing the purchasing process will always be accurate, correct, and up to date.
  • Once the Client has completed the purchasing process, the Client has agreed to be bound by the Terms. As soon as the purchasing process is complete, the Client will be granted immediate support from the time the Client completed the purchasing process until the subscription period expires (the ‘Plan Period’).
  • You may not accept these Terms if:
    • The Client is not of legal age to form a binding contract with ZeemDev; or
    • The Client is barred from receiving the Services under the laws of the state of California or other states within the USA including the state which the Client is a resident.


  1. Maintenance Plans. ZeemDev offers 3 different Website Maintenance Plans to choose from. We offer the Standard Monthly or Yearly Maintenance, Preferred Monthly or Yearly Maintenance and Premium Monthly or Yearly Maintenance Plan. Below are the details of these plans:
  • Standard Plan.
    • 10 Service Requests (see section 7 for definition)
    • Site and Database Backup
    • CMS and Plugin Updates
    • Uptime Monitoring
    • Analytics Reporting
      • Google
      • Instagram
      • Facebook Ads
      • YouTube
  • Preferred Plan.
    • 20 Service Requests (see section 7 for definition)
    • 20 E-Commerce Requests (see section 7 for definition)
    • Site and Database Backup
    • CMS and Plugin Update
    • Uptime Monitoring
    • Firewall Security & Malware Protection
    • Site Security Inspection
    • Analytics Reporting
      • Google
      • Instagram
      • Facebook Ads
      • YouTube
  • Premium Plan.
    • 100 Service Requests (see section 7 for definition)
    • 50 E-Commerce Requests (see section 7 for definition)
    • Site and Database Backup
    • CMS and Plugin Update
    • Uptime Monitoring
    • SSL Certificate
    • Firewall Security & Malware Protection
    • Site Security Inspection
    • Analytics Reporting
      • Google
      • Instagram
      • Facebook Ads
      • YouTube
    • SEO Premium Maintenance
      • Phrases
      • Links
      • Readability


  1. Service Requests. may include one or more of the following that are the result of recurring needs and minor changing need and is defined as:
  • Service Request:
    • Up to 5 items within the service request = 1 service request
      • Changing 5 images on a menu
      • Remove hand sanitizer & prop bundle from 3 different service packages
      • Change text/verbiage, color, font on different sections in a page
    • Adding/Replacing 5 images on 1 page = 1 request
  • E-Commerce Service request:
    • Changing 1 product includes all images, text, price, weight, etc. = 1 service request
    • Adding a new product (price, images, SKU, attributes, etc.) = 1 service request
  • Service Requests when adding a page:
    • Up to 10 sections within the page = 1 service request
    • Adding a new page with images, text/verbiage, color, font on different sections in a page
  • Integrating Features
    • Integrating an application/feature like google analytics, chatbot, etc. = 1 service request
      • License fee applicable


  1. Optimization. may include the following:
  • Provide strategies tailored specifically for your business.
  • Conduct proper research and planning to get the customer to your site.
  • E-Commerce product optimization
  • A competitor website analysis
  • Complete website architecture analysis
  • Google, Bing & Yahoo Organic rankings
  • Minor Page design changes to suit google page 1 ranking
  • Minor text changes to better assist search engines for organic search rankings


  1. Site and Database Backup. Zeem will conduct numerous backups of both the website and databases associated per month. The frequency will be determined based on the size, user rate, and/or e-commerce store activity.
  • All backups will be kept on ZeemDev servers or 3rd party cloud service accounts owned by ZeemDev.
  • Any backup conducted by ZeemDev is strictly for ZeemDev use during contract duration
  • The latest backup will be kept on ZeemDev servers or 3rd party cloud service accounts owned by ZeemDev for 3 months after contract cancellation or contract end date.
  • Backups stored by ZeemDev will not be given and/or copied to any 3rd party not affiliated with ZeemDev.


  1. Payment. Where the option is given to you, you may make payment of the Plan Fee by way of:
  • Payment Gateways:
    • PayPal
    • Credit Card
    • Crypto Currency as listed
    • Check or money order
      • (Check must be made payable to "Zeem Development, LLC" and mailed to P.O. Box 5190 Norco, CA 92860 USA.)
    • Zelle
    • Cash
  • You acknowledge and agree that if a request for the payment of the Plan Fee is returned or denied, for whatever reason, by the client’s financial institution or is late or unpaid by the client for any other reason, then the client is liable for any costs, including banking fees, charges, and late fees, associated with the Plan Fee.
    • An administrative fee of $30 will be charged for returned checks.
    • An administrative fee of $25 will be charged to the clients account for any late payments or declined credit card charges.
  • The Client agrees and acknowledges that ZeemDev can vary the Plan Fee at any time and that the varied Plan Fee will come into effect following the conclusion of the existing Plan Period of 1 Year.
  • Client has ability to add on maintenance at any time after website completion or existing website. This maintenance agreement is month-to-month or year-to-year. The start date is recorded as the day of payment for maintenance plan.


  1. Refund Policy. ZeemDev will only provide the Client with a refund of the Plan Fee in the event they are unable to continue to provide the Services or if the manager of ZeemDev decides, at its absolute discretion, that it is reasonable to do so under the circumstances. Where this occurs, the refund will be in the proportional amount of the Plan Fee that remains unused by the Client (the 'Refund').
  • There are absolutely no refunds for any fees related to website maintenance services or administrative fees.


  1. Cancellation. Maintenance Plan Cancellation Policy is as follows:
  • The Client may cancel this agreement at any time after with written notice to Zeem Development LLC. In the event the Client requests a cancellation of service, no refund will be given upon termination.
  • Termination of subscription will occur when it expires at the end of the subscription term (end of the month or end of the year).
  • If Client wants to cancel subscription, the easiest way to do that is to turn off recurring billing. When recurring billing is turned off, the subscription continues until it expires at the end of the subscription term (end of the month or end of the year).
  • Zeem Development LLC may cancel this agreement at any time with written notice to the Client. The Client understands, agrees, and acknowledges that Zeem Development LLC may transfer the services being performed for the Client to another "Web Site Servicer" if for some reason Zeem Development LLC can no longer provide an adequate service for the Client. If this is the case, the new “web site servicer” and the Client shall form their own terms of agreement and Zeem Development LLC shall no longer be involved or service the Client.


  1. Copyright and Intellectual Property.
  • Copyright of the finished assembled work of web pages produced by ZeemDev and graphics shall be vested with the Client upon final draft. This ownership includes design, photos, graphics, work-up files, text, and any program(s) specifically designed or purchased on behalf of the Client for completion of service requests.
  • Client represents to ZeemDev and unconditionally guarantees that any elements of text, graphics, photos, designs, trademarks, or other artwork furnished to ZeemDev for inclusion in the Client’s website are owned by the Client, or that the Client has permission from the rightful owner to use each of these elements, and will hold harmless, protect, and defend (indemnify) ZeemDev and its subcontractors from any claim or suit arising from the use of such elements furnished by the Client.


  1. Indemnify. You Agree to indemnify ZeemDev, its affiliates, employees, agents, contributors, third party content providers and licensors from and against:
  • all actions, suits, claims, demands, liabilities, costs, expenses, loss and damage (including legal fees on a full indemnity basis) incurred, suffered or arising out of or in connection with Your Content.
  • any direct or in direct consequences of you accessing, using or transacting on the Website or attempts to do so; and/or
  • any breach of the Terms


  1. Entire Agreement. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the Client and ZeemDev with respect to the Maintenance Plans subject matter. It supersedes all previous agreements and understandings between the Client and Zeemdev and each party acknowledges that, in entering this agreement, it does not do so on the basis or in reliance upon any representations, promises, undertakings, warranties or other statements (whether written or oral) of any nature whatsoever except as expressly provided in this Agreement. Thus, this Contract constitute the sole Agreement between Zeemdev and the Client. The Contract becomes effective the Client accepts the Terms.


  1. Governing law. This contract shall be governed by the laws of the State of California except where the Federal supremacy clause requires otherwise.


  1. Acknowledgement. The Client understands, agrees and acknowledges that contact with Zeem Development, LLC shall be made primarily through e-mail at and that Zeem Development, LLC will make every effort to return inquiries or at least acknowledge that the Client's inquiry has been received within 48 hours.

    Any further questions and concerns about these terms can be sent to

    Zeem Development, a Limited Liability Company
    P.O. Box 5190 Norco, CA 92860 USA

    or emailed to