To Those Who CRAVE A Wickedly Profitable Website For Their Business—But Lack Either The Patience Or The ‘Know How’ To Create It Themselves

DO NOT Invest Into Another Website Creation Company Until You Read This!

From: Laurence Montgomery

Los Angeles, CA.

Dear Friend:

If you wish to have a website made for your business, alongside any other needed technology that can not only give you a powerful online presence

…but can also reel in customers and cash like clockwork

Then this will be one of the most important messages you will ever read.

Here’s Why.

With our 16 years—combined—IT experience and knowledge, we can craft a website for your business that is so compelling and captivating, your site’s visitors will become glued to their computer screen…

A website that will capture attention with an iron grip that could send them into a buying frenzy, possessing them to beg you to take their money in exchange for your product or service.

Should you tell yourself right now: “I definitely need one of those!”, this just might be for you…

Before we go on any further, allow me to address…

Who This Is For:

This is for you if, as a business owner, you want to take your brand, products, and exposure to a whole new level—As in you want to expose your business to a vast, hungry audience of potential customers waiting for someone like you to come into their lives…

…that could also mean thousands more in sales and profits for you, and your business — think of it as publicityon steroids, without spending a single cent on advertising.

By means of a new—massive—online presence.

We’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners—like you—greatly expand the amount of potential buyers they reach.

To bring in an avalanche of sales, profits and… some more beloved days off - for you to spend with your family, friends and kids.

Check Out This True Story Of Ours,

With a Client We Recently Worked With  

He is one of the many success stories we’ve had. You could easily be next.

(We leave out his name for security purposes.)

He was an honest, hard working owner of a burger food truck. Long hours, mouth watering food… but not enough sales…

His family was depending on him - he was struggling to get more people lining up to take orders - nearly into his last dime.

We came in, assessed his position in business, built him a site, gave him a powerful online presence…

Made him some eye-grabbing stickers with his brand on ‘em.

Sure enough—not too long afterwards—he calls us up saying everybody’s loving the site and, now has a constant stream of people lined up at his food truck, eager to gobble down his juicy burgers.

In short, his sales DOUBLED.

You wanna know the craziest part?

A famous network television show found him online because of us.

Shortly afterwards, they interviewed him and that gave even more exposure to his business.

We were beyond delighted to be able to be part of his success.

You see, his business was already in motion, all we did was come in and set him up with a few things to make his life run smoother and… Presto.

But he’s not the only one…

Here’s What Andrew Olivas,
Fitness Trainer From L.A. Had To Say:

“Before Zeem Development came into the picture, my business was slow as I would only get a few clients for my workout bootcamp on a word of mouth basis. But now, after their help my business is growing every week with new clients and I find myself turning clients away. They helped me build my company from scratch and become the entrepreneur I am today.”

Or What Edwin Campos,
Entrepreneur From LA, Mentioned:

“These guys are the REAL DEAL. They are incredibly easy to work with and available all the time whenever I needed them. If you’re lucky enough to work with them…

Expect Sales. LOTS of Sales.”

And What Dirk Hamilton, Said About Us:

“People always compliment me and ask: ‘Who made that site?’The layout and design they have come up with is very eye-catching and keeps up with the modern world.

Definitely helped me gain a bigger following on social media and helped me interact with my fans easier.”

You see, we aren’t making this stuff up, and that’s just a few—of the many—entrepreneurs and business owners we’ve helped.

We Take Care of All The Graphics
and Anything Having To Do With Your Website.

We’ll install captivating responsive design—if you wish—that allows your site’s visitors to tinker with, as much as they please.

They will navigate in and about your site, able to easily check out whatever it is you have for sale.

Doesn’t matter what type of business you’re in.

We’ve worked with and alongside:

  • Restaurant owners
  • Ecommerce Website Owners
  • Food truck owners
  • Musicians
  • Fitness Trainers
  • Individual Entrepreneurs
  • Any type of business, you name it…

…we handle all of the technological stuff, so you don’t have to.

Which leads to my next important point…

Zeem Development is a combination of both a

Website Creation and
Business Consultation… For The Price of 1.

Usually, our consultations go for $1,000.00 Dollars, but if we work together, it’s free.

We conduct them either over the phone, or in person, depending on how far away you are.

Also, you get multiple consultations - ALL FREE…to see where you are in your business and where we could help you the most.

But here’s the best part…

We Stick By Your Side Throughout The ENTIRE PROCESS.
You Won’t Ever Be Left In The Dark, Scratching Your Head, Wondering: “What’s going on with that darn website?”.

With us being available any time of the day, you can count on us to answer any questions you might have, even if it’s 3AM — our promise to you.

While we’re in the process of creating your jaw-dropping website, we will constantly be checking in, showing you what we have, so you can tell us what you like and don’t like so far.

We will work closely by your side to have a full understanding of your brand and product.

You Work Hard — Running a Business Is No Easy Task.
We’re Just Here Make Your Life Easier…

…so you aren’t having to juggle 12 things at once.

Imagine your business’s sales absolutely exploding over the next coming weeks. Your family will ask you how the biz is doing and you’ll be able to say: “better than ever.”

What would that do for you? If you’re like us, it would help out your life… tons.

Your neighbors might even think you hit the Lotto.

Or imagine being able to take a few more days off than you normally do, to take a nice car ride with your friends and family over to the beach, or an amusement park - or maybe a vacation to Italy

just because you can.

Is A Profitable Website Design and Free Consultation
All You Can Get When You Work With Us At Zeem Development?

Nope. Not in the slightest.

We cover a vast range of online, technological needs (and some offline), all here to spread YOUR message and give you an even BIGGER, more powerful, online presence.

Which equals more moolah for you, my friend.

Other services we offer, include:

  • App Creation. If you’re ready to move onto an app, so you can reach more people in today’s quickly growing society, we have you covered. Doesn’t matter if the prospect owns an android or an iPhone.
  • Graphics/Vinyl Decal. Want any stickers or physical patches made to represent your brand? We got you. WARNING: Slapping stickers in random places around town may put your customers into a frenzy, eager to buy your product or service because of more increased exposure than normal…
  • Website Optimization. Do you currently have a website? Let us help you tweak it to make sure its running completely up-to-speed - so you can be sure you’re raking in as much money as you should be.
  • Website Redesign. Scrap that old site and snag a brand new one that, consistently rakes in cash and customers like clockwork.
  • Updates On Existing Websites. Websites—like your iPhone—need updates every now and then so they don’t grow stale, slow, and hard-to-use by your customers. Like a doctor with a patient …we have your cure.
  • Website Support. Let’s say your site is running amazingly, then all of a sudden, one day, it goes completely haywire and unresponsive. Like a herd of nerds we will come in and fix any little problem that’s gone wrong.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We make it so that, when someone types something they’re looking for on the internet, and if it has to do with your business…we make sure you’re one of the first sites their eyes land on.
  • Google Ranking. We make it so that, when someone looks up, say: tacos in LA on Google, yours will be one of the first to catch the eye of any possible customer so they choose you over the other guy. Or, say, someone looks up “local house painters” yours will be one of the first to pop up on their search list, and on and on.

Keep reading, we still have a bit more to offer you:

  • Online Presence. We’ll make sure that your business, brand, and products are being viewed by as many possible customers as possibly, to grow your brand more than ever and, inevitably, make you even more money.
  • 24/7 Have a question that needs answering? Well, even if it’s at 3AM, rest assured we’ll be there to help.
  • Traffic To Your Website. Imagine 3,000 (or more) people showing up to your site PER MONTH - all craving to buy what you offer.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA. Social media is huge, it’s slowly becoming one of the leading advertising platforms in the world, we’ll handle all your social media to make sure your business is on the tip-top of it’s game.
  • Video Edits. If you have some videos to post on your website, we can edit them to make sure they’re nice, crisp, and smooth as a dolphins back.
  • Professional Photography. For any products or samples you may want to take of what you sell, so we can slap them onto your website. But…

This May
NOT Be For You If…

You don’t want to increase your overall sales and customers and if you don’t want the luxury of more free time to spend however you wish,.

This may not be for you if you don’t want a massive online presence where, thousands of potential buyers can search you up on the internet at any time.

Also, this may not be for you if, the thought of a website just sounds like a hassle that you don’t want to deal with.

But If You Say,
“None of that bothers me, I want in.”

Well, then, get ready for your business to reach a new level.

Get ready for more free time to spend on whatever you wish.

Get ready to be one of the leading, pioneering business owners in your niche.

Get ready for your friends and family to ask you tons of questions about how you did it.

Get ready to—possibly—have a shiny new toy in the driveway.

But you must be quick to contact us — as much as we’d love to help everyone, we just can’t. You see…

Time Is Of The Essence

 With the vast amount of business owners phoning into our office, we may become booked all year long and not be able to help you and your business.

So we highly encourage you to call now, as quickly as you possibly can, so you can ensure yourself a spot with us.

Here’s What To Do Next:

 Click on this link and it will immediately take you to a short
contact sheet we will immediately look at, once filled out.

 The quicker you fill it out, the higher chance we can work together soon.


If you prefer, give us a call at (888) 570-9336. If we don’t answer, we’re probably working on building a website for another client and will return your call as soon as possible.

Or if you prefer to not talk on the phone (like I do), drop us an email @

Thank you for taking the time to read this message.

We look forward to working with you.

To Your Business, Family, and Health

Laurence Montgomery, CEO at Zeem Development.

P.S. Imagine what a “perfect fit your business” Website could do for you, your business, your quality time with your family…

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